We are [not]  a communication agency or a web agency: none of these really describes who we are.

We are not a structure, a shape, a habit, a destination. We are not a single mode of thinking, one biography, or an isolated competence.

At the guesthouse, we are a multitude of professional and personal stories.

A wealth of perspectives, a broad range of training backgrounds and problem-solving methods.

We work on branding, marketing strategies, websites, and visual and textual communication.
We take pictures, make videos, write content, design web pages, manage your social network profiles, do the layout, create and break the mould. We make things up and then we make them real. We work in groups that remain fluid, adapting our skills to life’s unpredictability.

We work on all of this together in ways that are always new. We go off the beaten track. Always one step further.


Via Giovanni Savelli 1
35129 Padova


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