I am not a copywriter or a SEO copywriter, I’m not a strategist or social media manager: none of these really describes who I am.

I love short stories, people’s faces and lives, and social sciences.                                                                     I am a tireless athlete running on instinct,  a thinking body with “brainy” muscles. 

I love music, concerts, crowded places, and socializing.

I am an incurable word-juggler, obsessed with puns, oxymorons, and nonsense.

I am a perspective shifter, an enemy of the taken for granted, an obstinate observer of my own point of view aiming to see the world more clearly.                                                

I put my heart and soul into my work. My life experience carries over into my writing. My inclination to extend the scope becomes a feature of communication analysis and strategy. I easily hang out with different kinds of people, which enhances my social media management skills.

I walk in my limits a bit awkwardly, I take one small step at a time, always further on.


Via Giovanni Savelli 1
35129 Padova


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