I am not an art director, a graphic designer, a publishing designer, or a brand designer. None of these really describes who I am.

I am a musician who plays a hybrid instrument: half wooden half brass.
I am a keen observer who marvels at small things.
I am a teacher who did not want to be a teacher and now could no longer picture himself not being a teacher.
I am a non professional sportsperson whose hands gets dirty with red earth and snowboards down a slope.
I wear out my shoes when travelling and do not go back home until I have taken in every single details of the world around me.
I love letters and typography: I’m not talking about Microsoft Word fonts!

Change is my middle name: I like to try different perspectives. I design things, sometimes intuitively, sometimes down to the last detail. I love to show my customers new directions and dare to go out of the crowd. I love communication in all senses of the word and with all my senses. I feel the constant need to raise the bar at every new job. I never use a font twice.

I may not have found once and for all the place where I belong but who can really say they have found their own? Further on.


Via Giovanni Savelli 1
35129 Padova


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