I am not an illustrator, a graphic designer, a publishing designer, a brand designer. None of these really describes who I am.

I am an incurable naive: I always see the best in whatever happens to me. I get emotional over unexpectedly creative things. I love order: it helps me find peace on the outside and the essential on the inside. I have a green thumb and nature teaches me how to slow down: I, who can never stand still.
I always love to learn new things: listening to people talking on the train, taking a close look at my surroundings. I like to collect books in beautiful editions and end up dog-earring the pages I want to remember. I get emotional over every film I watch and become attached to book characters. I am definitely not a brave climber but fear of heights helps me reach my top level.

Thinking about my job makes me smile. I draw quietly, listening to stories and then paint memories to share. I design printed products and I am thrilled when I can touch my own creation. I am constantly evolving. Change is a positive challenge to me: it is a chance to try something new. Sometimes, I make mistakes but they always turn out to be opportunities for growth.

You can always discover something unexpected in the ordinary, spot details easy to overlook. I start from them to create something that allows me to go further.


Via Giovanni Savelli 1
35129 Padova


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