I am not a digital designer, a digital publishing consultant or coach. I am not a university professor: none of these really describes who I am.

I look for details everywhere. I am an avid reader who listens to audiobooks during long trips to save time. I am a mother: my two little ones have taught me the good things in life and how to solve a whole host of problems in a simple way and by talking to one another.
I am a woman who never stops exploring, in her job and personal life.

This is why I like to discuss with customers and understand what they are really after. Digital publishing is definitely a fast changing industry and you need to be up to date with the changes and able to fit the different pieces together, whatever area of your life they belong to.
I teach my university students how we need to combine different rules and identify the most suitable devices, interactive solutions, platforms, and software in order to design magazines, monographs, and catalogues. There is no protocol and each and every project is unique and it is our job to create it.
I believe that, in life, we simply need to look to the future wearing a smile, surrounded by the people we instinctively recognize as “right” for us, in our personal and professional life. Trusting them allows us to keep going during difficult times. Further.


Via Giovanni Savelli 1
35129 Padova


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