I am not a web designer, a creative director, a user Interface designer, or a graphic designer. None of these really describes who I am.

I appreciate when things are well done. I love nature and its perfection. I am an accurate person or at least I act like one to harness the creative storm raging in my head. I think outer order helps inner peace. I believe, there is an order to chaos.

I am always on the lookout for new challenges and nothing really scares me.

I obsess over details, I don’t care about the “how much” but I definitely care about the “how” and “why”. In my job, I prefer style over technique: I think you can learn the former and develop the latter, which must be constantly trained.

When I have a problem, I get in touch with nature, I look for the solution in the world around me because I am convinced there lie all the answers.

Climbing a mountain is hard work: you sweat every step. We know that the higher we climb the larger our horizon, in our personal life and in our work: our sense of self expands further.


Via Giovanni Savelli 1
35129 Padova


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