I am not an art director, a graphic designer, or a brand designer. I’m not a publishing designer or a digital space designer. None of these really describes who I am.

I am an incurable searcher of beauty, the kind I can often find in the most abstract forms, in synthesis, in clear and true things, which characterize nature and people… I am a curious soul: my search for beauty is relentless and it often takes unexpected turns. I have sometimes found myself heading backwards along the road, as I do when I practice sports: I go skating and rowing, the latter being one of my greatest discoveries.
I love trips, in particular the ones which fill my eyes with beautiful views. I like to daydream, and I enjoy it best when on a sailboat.
My design is two (or more) dimensional on paper and in the digital world. I use printing blocks, which I love, and colors, combing texture and geometry.
I have a passion for kinetic art and generative design. One day, I definitely want to design a chair. I like yellow.

I am a careful listener: what I hear resonates in me. Musical keys and the sound of running water are the most thrilling vibes for me.
In my own way, I try to live the moment and through it go further. Further on.


Via Giovanni Savelli 1
35129 Padova


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